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Empowering women through the art of smelling and feeling good, our mission is to cultivate confidence, self-expression, and personal well-being. By offering curated fragrances and sensory experiences, we aim to celebrate individuality, inspire self-discovery, and foster a sense of empowerment in every woman. Through our products and initiatives, we strive to create a supportive community where women can embrace their uniqueness, unleash their potential, and radiate positivity in every aspect of their lives.

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Yoni Oils Explained

Yoni oil simply put is oil for your vagina and vulva! Yoni is Sanskrit for vagina!

Our oils help your lady parts by:


balancing your ph

blocking odor

helping with intimacy (can be used as a safe lube)

smelling good all day

softening and tightening as they all contain collagen and vitamins a, e, & c

preventing bv and yeast

used for after shaving/wax/nair

can be used under breast and under arms


For our sensitive Blush Babes, we have fragrance free yoni oil which is naturally scented by the herbs inside.


These oils can be used anywhere on your body! But they are handmade for your Blush Spot!



Over 20 scents of yoni oils...

We also have face serums and natural deodorants...


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Did you know we have a 4.7 average rating and a 92% of our customers return!

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All bodies are beautiful, we believe in helping women smell and feel amazing...

Did you know you can use our yoni oils under your arms and under your breast?

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Did you know we offer wholesale and private label

We offer Afterpay, and Paypal checkout...

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