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I actually buy wholesale so I can retail The Blush Spot products. I do not put my own brand on them, they fly off the shelves at my waxing spa. My top seller is unscented and sugar cookie! I'm very thankful because in addition to it being a pretty and pink pop of color in my white spa, it has brought me in an additional $1500+ per month! 

- Kate V.

The Smells

I opened a wellness spa out here in Arkansas and I must say it has definitely added spice to the city I'm in! The girls go crazy over strawberry and say their men do too! 


Just Start

Truthfully I haven't sold any yet, I ordered 60 bottles but still working on my site. I did however let some ladies smell at my job and they went bananas! I sold 17 bottles just at work! So I'm excited about my new side hustle, I got peach, but may try mango next! Idk the thought of a peachy coochie makes me happy so that's why I started there!


It's a Yess

I'm an exotic dancer and I started off using these oils after I purchased at an event in ATL. The owner was so nice and said "You know you can make some money at your night job!" I bought 100 bottles and ordered labels from Vistaprint, I call mine "P*ssy Juice" and baby, the ladies buy it. I don't have a website or anything but I do sell out in person at werkk!

- Call Me Juiceyy

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