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Hey Blush Babe! We are here for you and want your business to start off RIGHT!
In this Ultimate Yoni Business Starter Kit you will receive unlabeled:
Total of 96b premade bottles of your choice
24 strawberry yoni oils
24 strawberry yoni bar soaps
24 strawberry mint foam soaps
24 strawberry gel soaps with boric acid
Label making instructions

Yoni Success E-book
Money Making Activities Planner

This $1600 valued set is yours for $799! You can also up your prices, we have Blush babes who sell their 1oz bottle for $24.99-$30. We recommend staying between $13-$18

Make money this year, and let us help you get started!

We have helped HUNDREDS of men and women start their business and look forward to working with you as well!

Strawberry Starter Kit

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