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What To Do About Those Annoying Cramps

If you are someone who always gets cramps, then you know that they can be debilitating at times. And for some women the pain is not limited to their stomach. Cramps can extend through the back, hips, and thighs! OUCH! The things us beautiful ladies go through...In this blog we will share some tips for helping aid or prevent this painful symptom.

1. Prevention. The best method for stopping them is preventing them from starting in the first place. A day or two before your period is supposed to start, take some anti-inflammation otc pills. Meds like Motrin or Advil are great for this! Take the recommended dose every 4-6 hours and through the duration of your period.

2. Throw some heat on, literally: Soak in a warm bath. Buy a heating pad, or get a heated massage roller. Drink warm teas, or warm drinks that feel good going down,

3. Stretch and massage: Stretch your muscles and massage cramped areas.

4. Natural-ista: Take some magnesium calm and potassium. And be sure to drink a lot of water!!!

5. The doctor: Some times the pain is unbearable, and you need to make sure you don't have a medical condition!

Links below to help...

Magnesium Calm

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