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What do our products do exactly?

This blog will explain what our products can do for you!

Yoni Oils Explained

Yoni oil simply put is oil for your vagina! Yoni is Sanskrit for vagina!

Our oils help your lady parts by:


balancing your ph

blocking odor

helping with intimacy (can be used as lube)

smelling good all day

softening and tightening as they all contain collagen and vitamins a, e, & c

For our sensitive Blush Babes, we have fragrance free yoni oil which is naturally scented by the herbs inside.

These oils can be used anywhere on your body! But they are handmade for your Blush Spot!

Yoni RePHresh Spray

Contains all natural ingredients! Use daily after a shower to stay odor free all day, even after exercise and during menstrual period. Helps to prevent dryness, smooth skin, remove oil & dirt that causes pimples, and fight bacteria. This spray can aid in relieving itching, and irritation. This yoni spray is both antibacterial, antifungal and edible! It is a great boost for confidence and intimacy. Spritz your underwear, pads, or bikini area. Directions are included with each order. Can be sprayed anywhere on body.


Relieves itching

Tightens and soothes skin

Helps with ingrown hairs


Fights odor

Yoni Detox Pearls

A Yoni Pearl is a feminine hygiene product made up of a small gauze ball filled with all-natural herbs, used as a great way to cleanse your vagina.

Yoni Detox Pearls are made from 100% Natural Herbs which have been used for centuries by women in other cultures.

This natural herb can ASSIST in treating or the following diseases below:

  • Yeast Infection

  • Itching

  • Fibroid

  • Ovarian Cysts

  • Tubal Blockage

  • Heavy Menstrual Cycle

  • Vagina Dryness

  • Vagina Odor

  • Cervical Erosion and other Gynecological Diseases.


Triple Threat Mens Oil

Helps maintain moisture and prevent odors from your private areas.

Also helps with ingrown hairs on your head, beard/face, or private area

Relieves itching

Tightens and soothes skin

Helps with ingrown hairs

Fights odor

Sex safe

Foam Wash/Bar Soaps/Liquid Wash

Foam wash- only 1-2 pumps needed to gently cleanse the inside and outside of your yoni. All of our foam soaps have aloe leaf and castor oil inside. This is a mint based cleanse and will lightly tingle your yoni.

Bar Soaps- Have anti fungal and anti- bacterial properties and are best for those who suffer from BV or strong odors

Liquid BA Wash - Our Liquid Boric Acid Wash is odorless and best for those with sensitive yoni areas. It's light and gentle and helps maintain a healthy ph while keeping you fresh all day

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