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Hey Blush Babe! (For one bottle visit other listing)

This wholesale Yoni Wash is all poured and ready to pump. 
You can get 12, 24, 48, or 100 bottles! These are 2oz bottles, you can also purchase by the gallon or 10 oz bottles!

Cheaper to buy by the gallon, but available premade for those just starting out

Sell these in your salon or spa for $8-$16 each (we sell for $14.99)
Need help? We got you blush babe!

Let's break it down:
Buy 12 bottles for $80
Sell 12 bottles for $12 each and make $144 profit $64
Buy a gallon (128 fluid ounces) for $150*
Create 64 of your own 2oz bottles - sell 64 bottles at $12 a piece totaling $768 which makes your profit $618!

Just slap your labels on.
Ingredient list is included in package!

If you purchase a gallon, ingredients will be on back!

Wet the are then apply 2-3 pumps to your Konjac sponge (Included) or onto your hand. Wash your intimate areas and rinse thoroughly. Use daily.

•Formulated for yoni washing only (will not produce enough foams for body wash it is formulated this way on purpose to reduce possible vaginal irritation)
•PH balanced
•Organic Scents
•Natural coloring(no artificial color/ no added colorant)
•Natural preservatives
•No harsh chemicals
•Water based
•Light foaming
•For sensitive skin
•Helps prevent vaginal odor
•Light and lathering
•No Logo/No Label
•2 ounce net weight
(Each bottle is filled with  ounce of liquid, this does not necessarily equate to contents filled to top of bottle rather than net weight is what is relevant. )
•Cruelty Free

Feel clean and fresh while keeping your yoni pH balanced.

Ingredients are listed on the back of each bottle for your reference.

This is not a body wash! This is for yoni/vaginal washing.

*pricing varies

Wholesale yoni soap/ Bulk Yoni/Feminine Foam Wash: 12 pink bottles Organic Vagin

PriceFrom $14.99
Sales Tax Included |
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