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Blueberry scented tasteless
This delicious scented oil helps to fight bacteria and fungus, moisturize, and soothe skin. Evens skin tone and is anti aging. Helps to tighten elasticity of the skin. Helps to aid symptoms of problematic skin.


evens skin tone

tightens skin

maintain pH

fights odor

clean pores

prevents ingrown hairs

helps relieve menstrual cramps

neroli-treats oily skin, reduces signs of aging

tea tree-calms redness, itchy skin

rosemary-reduces blemishes, hydrates skin

lemon-kills bacteria

lavender-reduce signs of aging, reliving menstrual cramps

Sweet Almond Oil-improves skin tone, treats dry skin

Olive Oil- anti-inflammatory, anti-aging properties

Avocado Oil- hydrates, calms itchy skin

ingredients: sweet almond oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, lemon essential, rosemary, tea tree essential, neroli, citrus essential, rose essential, cinnamon essential, rosehip oil, lavender essential, chamomile, olive oil, vitamin e, flavor oil and dried flowers

How to Use:

With clean hands, shake well, place 2-3 drops in hand and massage onto yoni area; place one or two drops on the tip of your finger and place inside your yoni in circular motion. DO NOT PLACE GLASS DROPPER INSIDE OF YONI.

Blueberry Yoni Oil

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